Keysol Biohumat Series is composed of powder biostimulants containing organic compounds humic acids (HA) and fulvic acids (FA). The basic function of this product line is to increase plant growth and vigor without directly providing nutrients or killing pests.

Major Benefits of Keysol Biohumat Series:

– Chemical Benefits
* Excellent chealtors of soil minerals and nutrients. Chelation prevents nutrient pollution and keeps nutrients available for plant use. In addition; this product line is used in the remediation of contaminated water and soils.

– helps increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) which is a is a measure of a soil’s ability to hold positively charged ions called cations. Thereby, the soil can hold more nutrients. As the soil holds these cations, they cannot leach out of the soil. This decrease in nutrient leaching saves growers money on underutilized fertilizers. It also limits pollution caused by leaching of excess nutrients.
This product line enhances buffering capacity that allows for a more neutral pH. In turn, plant nutrients are more available.

– Biological Benefits
* increases plant enzymes such as urease. Increases in enzyme number and function allow plants to better perform crucial processes. Some of these processes include cell division, hormone regulation, and energy production.
* provides benefits to soil microorganisms. They foster the growth and health of beneficial microbial communities. These microbes provides many benefits to plants. Beneficial microbes stimulate formation of plant hormones, increase nutrient availability, and help protect against pests and diseases. As humic substances stimulate the production of plant hormones, plants experience increased root formation and germination.

– Physical Benefits:
* Humic substances are known as soil conditioners, as they improve soil structure and function. Humic acids can increase soil aggregation which means that soil particles clump together, forming small air holes. This leads to increased aeration and drainage.
* decreases the heaviness of clay soils by getting between clay molecules. As the clay molecules separate, compaction decreases and root growth increases. HA also benefit the structure of sandy soils. Additions of HA increase the organic matter content of the soil, which increases water and nutrient holding capacities.

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