About us

KEYSOL AGRO is the fresh fruit of three decades of experience in agrochemicals business. Here, at KEYSOL AGRO, we focus on disciplined investments and operational excellence to respond to growers’ needs promptly and professionally. Regardless of the market environment challenges, we always act with an abiding sense of responsibility, build trusting relationships, and help our clients thrive.

Our Business

KEYSOL AGRO manufactures and distributes millions of tonnes of high quality plant nutrients and pesticides in more than 250 formulations each year. From specialty fertilizers engineered to provide advanced crop nutrition, to top-quality pesticides, all our offerings are optimized to take advantage of today’s most advanced technologies.

Our Vision

Maximizing the value we deliver to our micro and macro environment.

Our Mission

To nourish the crops of growers around the world, keep their crops healthy, and maximize their yields through sustainable solutions to enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being.